Supply Chain Analytics.

Gain end-to-end visibility of all your supply chain activity so that you can operate leaner, be more resilient, and boost profitability. Improve your supply demand matching, optimize your inventory and maximize your profits all through better supply chain insights.

Inventory Management

  • Track key metrics like sales-to-inventory ratio, days of inventory, total inventory, and return on inventory to better manage inventory and its associated costs. Improve demand forecasting to avoid stock-outs and excess inventory.

Logistics Management

  • Visualize delivery plans and routing networks to determine how to shorten time from order to delivery. Analyze improper shipment and defective item data to minimize errors and control costs. Measure and track outbound deliveries and analyze warehouse productivity.

Supplier Performance

  • Monitor supplier performance metrics—order delivered in full, on time, time to deliver, order accuracy, damaged goods, etc—to identify top and bottom performing suppliers, compare profit margins, and renegotiate contracts.

Forecasting & Planning

  • Analyze customer data, trends, and seasonality to predict future demand. Make informed decisions about production and inventory levels during specific time periods.