Data and Analytics Assessment.

Critical to the success of the right outcomes begins with having the right strategy. We follow a three-step process to ensure success.

1. Discover/Identify

Every client engagement begins with a discovery call. During this call, we get up to speed on the difficulties you’ve been having, where you want to go, and how we can help you extract value from your data. The discovery call helps us identify the resources we will deploy to solve your problems and sets the stage for the subsequent steps.

2. Assessment & Strategy Development

Our consultants perform a strategic assessment in which we take a comprehensive look at what it is you’re trying to accomplish, what systems you have in play today, and what business requirements you’re dealing with. Through detailed interviews with stakeholders, both on the business and technical sides, and deep dives into your data ecosystem/assets and current technical structure, we get an in-depth understanding of your goals and your vision, which helps us tailor our solutions to your needs.

3. Roadmap to Transform

Analyzing the facts we have learned about your business, requirements, and challenges, we present you with your Roadmap to Transform. The Roadmap will contain our findings on a recommended approach, including the technical reference architecture and technical requirements applicable to your case, as well as the tools, suggested platforms, and estimated time and cost to carry out your solution. Your Roadmap to Transform includes a detailed step-by-step guide to get your data and analytics programs where you want them to be as fast as possible.

You can choose us to implement the roadmap, carry it out in-house, or augment some of it with our resources.